Tim and Cheryl Dey in their stroked 6.4L 88 S4 5-speed at well over 200MPH from the 2005 Pony Express open road race, near Battle Mountain, Nevada.

928 S4 Commercial Compilation

Flying 928 S4

2006 Sharktoberfest by Amy L

2006 Sharks at the Lake by Amy L

928 S4 Promotional Video

928 GTS Photo Shoot for Porsche Brochure (German)

Motor Vision Classics Porsche 928 (German with subtitles)

3-axle Posche 928 pick-up

928 Promotional Footage

Matt Edson & Rich Saunders - Pony Express 130 Highlights

1989 S4 Supercharged Burnout

1989 S4 Supercharged Burnout #2