Sharks in the Park Funride
Driving Distance: 51.8 miles Time: 1 hour, 3 minutes

Time Distance Navigation Warnings
2:30 PM0.0 1   Depart Wildcat Canyon Rd (South-East) for 3.9 miSLOW, watch for bikers and hikers
2:33 PM3.9 2   At Camino Pablo, bear LEFT (North) onto Bear Creek Rd for 8.4 miSweepers and a few twisties
2:42 PM12.3 3   Turn RIGHT (East) onto Alhambra Valley Rd for 1.5 mi 
2:43 PM13.7 4   At Alhambra Valley Rd, stay on Alhambra Valley Rd (North-East) for 3.4 miRural residential
2:48 PM18.4 5   At junction of Reliez Valley Road, turn LEFT (North-West) onto Alhambra AveSLOW residential
2:49 PM18.8 6   At Franklin Canyon Rd, turn LEFT (West) onto Franklin Canyon Rd for 3.6 miSweepers, some rural residential
2:56 PM22.4 7   At McEwen Rd, turn RIGHT (North) onto McEwen Rd for 2.4 miVery twisty and narrow, some residential near end of this segment
3:01 PM24.8 8   At Carquinez Scenic Dr, Port Costa, turn LEFT (West) onto Carquinez Scenic Dr for 2.1 miVery twiisty, some residential
3:05 PM26.9 9   At Pomona St, Crockett, bear LEFT (North) onto Pomona St [Pomona Ave] for 1.1 miSLOW residential, town
3:07 PM28.0 10   At Eastshore Fwy, Crockett, Continue (North) on Ramp for 0.3 mi 
3:08 PM28.4Merge onto I-80 [Eastshore Fwy] (West) for 4.6 miBORING part
3:13 PM33.0 11   At Pinole Valley Rd, turn off ontro Ramp, bear LEFT (South) onto Pinole Valley Rd for 2.4 miSLOW residential and town
3:17 PM35.7Continue (East) on Alhambra Valley Rd for 3.7 miTwisty rural area again
3:20 PM39.5 12   At Bear Creek Rd , turn RIGHT (South) onto Bear Creek Rd for 8.4 miBack to sweepers and a few twisties the other way
3:29 PM47.8Bear RIGHT (South-West) onto Wildcat Canyon Rd for 3.9 miSLOW, watch for bikers and hikers again
3:33 PM51.8 13   Arrive Wildcat Canyon Rd, Berkeley, CAPark and turn off car