ARCHIVE 2002-2004 

August, 2004

August 20, 2004
DEVEK Days photos by George Suennen here.

Kart Racing Event - September 11
Dave Anderson is organizing a go-kart racing event in the Fremont area for us Norcalers.  More info to follow.  If interested, read this message thread over on the Rennlist 928 message board.

July, 2004

July 20, 2004
DEVEK Days coming up!.
The longest running 928 gathering in the US is scheduled for August 6-8 at DEVEK in Belmont.  DO NOT MISS IT.  More details here.

May, 2004

May 11, 2004
Two Wineries and a Restaurant, May 22.
The Redwood Regional PCA is hosting another "Two Wineries & a Restaurant" tour on May 22.  The "Two Wineries & a Restaurant" series tours are great fun.  Norcal928 members are invited & welcome.  The tour will begin at the Luther Burbank Center, Hwy 101 and River Road, Santa Rosa, CA.  Meet at 12:30 a.m.  This will be a half day approx 85 mi. tour of Sonoma, Napa & Lake Counties with stops at two selected wineries and ending with dinner.  RSVP to Claude or Sara Boulware at:  Tell them James Heisey (Norcal928 and Redwood PCA member) sent you.  Questions to James at

May 10, 2004
Some Photos from SITPIV - Saturday, May 8

The weather was fabulous, the whole day was glorious.  Some pictures of the event:

George Suennen's extensive photo documentation

Dave Anderson's pictures

May 6, 2004
Sharks in the Park IV -
Tilden Park - Saturday, May 8  Details here...
The weather forecast is good, the preparations are complete for the 4th annual Sharks in the Park. Don't miss it!  RSVP or just show up! 

May 2, 2004
Mark Anderson reaches the podium in PCA Group 2 of the Road & Track US Sports Car Invitational at Laguna Seca.  Mark Kibort and Dean Krenz run strong
Blowing away a field of big dollar factory turbos and Cup cars, Mark Anderson finished a very strong third place in the race final of the R&T US Sports Car Invitational.  Blazing around Laguna Seca at just over 1:34 per lap, Mark was never in danger of losing  his position and was steadily gaining ground on the second place car as he ran a flawless race from beginning to end. Quite a show of driving skill and superb tuning with his 15-year old 928.  Mark Kibort running his stone-reliable Holbert 928 and Dean Krenz in his 84 Euro motored 928 ran best laps of 1:41 and 1:44 respectively to complete the fine display of 928 track worthiness. Joe Fan sustained a race-ending head gasket failure before the last race but had been running strongly right behind Mark Anderson in the qualifying and preliminary races.   Congrats to all of them from a number of Norcal928 members who attended the race weekend!  Pictures and race videos to follow soon.

April, 2004

April 02, 2004
The Next 928?: From Road & Track, March 2004


"Porsche's Front-Engine GT

After stirring up the faithful by doing the unthinkable (building the Cayenne SUV), Porsche is looking to add another model to its lineup that may appease a certain subset of Porschephiles, those long-ignored fans of the 928. Porsche has made no secret that it wants to use its V-8 engine developed for the Cayenne in other models, and a return to a front-engine V-8 2+2 GT, or even a 4-door sedan, is in the cards.

The new Porsche 2+2 would allow the Stuttgart factory to battle back against Aston Martin's DB9 and Ferrari's 612 Scaglietti. Porsche's twin-turbo V-8 would likely pump out 450-500 bhp and deliver that power to all four wheels. Sources say the platform for this car may come from the VW Group, with many pieces common to the Bentley Continental GT, which would help keep costs down. MDL"

March, 2004

March 27, 2004
Upcoming Events:

Sharks in the Park IV - Tilden Park - Saturday, May 8  Details here...

More to come ASAP...

November, 2003

November 05, 2003
Upcoming Events:

Two Wineries and a Restaurant, November 15.
The Redwood Regional PCA is hosting a "Two Wineries & a Restaurant" tour on November 15.  The "Two Wineries & a Restaurant" series tours are great fun.  Norcal928 members are invited & welcome.  The tour will begin at the Luther Burbank Center, Hwy 101 and River Road, Santa Rosa, CA.  Meet at 11:30 a.m.  This will be a half day approx 115 mi. tour of Sonoma, Napa & Lake Counties with stops at two selected wineries and ending with dinner in Healdsburg.  RSVP to Claude or Sara Boulware at:  Tell them James sent you.  Questions to James at

Akkurat Performance Open House - PCA Social, November 21.
The new exotic car service and upgrade and accessory center, Akkurat Performance Group, is having an open house on Friday night, November 21 from 6-9PM in cooperation with the local PCA.  Norcal928 members should check it out!

3551 Haven Ave. Suite #N
Menlo Park, CA 94025
Mainline: (650) 381-0000
Fax: (650) 381-0001
Toll Free: (866) 488-4588


November 04, 2003
Sharktoberfest 2003 pictures:
The Socal928 group, 928 International and the 928OC outdid themselves with the first Sharktoberfest in Anaheim on October 17-19.  NorCal928 members Bill Ball, Nicole Mossinger and Paul Mooradian were in attendance.
Click here for more pictures

September 24, 2003
September 20 Norcal928 Drive Report:
It was a typical funride -

         We got lost

         We found some great twisties (Lucas Valley-Smith Ranch road, Nicasio Road)

         The attendance was small but enthusiastic

         We had a mishap without injuries (a box of apples gone wild)

         We had a surprise guest from another state (Al Haddox from Reno)

         We need to refine the route to further avoid traffic

A few pictures here.

September 15, 2003
September 20 Norcal928 Drive:
Thanks to some suggestions from Jessa and from John Thornton, we have a more complete and hopefully less congested route for the funride this Saturday, September 20.  Here is the latest route.  

Fireside Motel (Marin) to Occidental for lunch and back going through Tiburon: 133 miles

Let me know what you think.

August 26, 2003
Norcal928 members take 1-2-3 in Gambler's Run Open Road Race:

Paul Mooradian and his 125MPH class winning 82 Euro-motored 928 members Paul Mooradian, George Suennen and Bill Ball had stunning success on August 24 at The Gambler's Run Twin 50 in Elko, Nevada.  Paul, running his 82 Euro as a rookie in the 125 MPH class, beat everyone else to take a FIRST PLACE with an amazing 124.929 MPH solo, hand-timed average over the two 47 mile legs of the Gamblers Run.  Great job Paul!  George Suennen and navigator Tim Bosserman took SECOND PLACE in the difficult 145 MPH class with an average speed of 144.916 MPH, while Bill Ball collected a THIRD in the 130 MPH class at 129.376 MPH (er, truth is there were only 3 entrants in that class).  Picture folder here.  For information about the Gambler's Run and other open road race events, check out our Open Road Racing information page.

Radar and Speed Trap Results (MPH)







Speed Trap


N Finish Trap


Speed Trap


S Finish Trap



George Suennen

Tim Bosserman

90 928











William Ball


89 928











Paul Mooradian


82 928










August 18, 2003
September Norcal928 Drive Planning:
We've had a couple of drives down the coast lately.  How about up the coast?  Let's organize a trip from the North Bay Area up to Occidental for September 20, although date and route are open to suggestion.  Here is a proposal

Fireside Motel (Marin) to Occidental for lunch and back 122 miles

Let me know what you think.

August 07, 2003

Looks like a great event is shaping up for October 18th & 19th.   Click on image above for more details.  We will be organizing a caravan down to SoCal.  Stay tuned!

August 04, 2003
DEVEK Days Funride Pic
Over 30 cars went on the DEVEK Days funride to Pebble Beach on August 3.  A bunch of the more distant travelers departed for home after lunch.  Here's a panorama shot of the 18 cars that went on to complete the 17 Mile Drive in scenic Pebble Beach, CA.  For the BIG, full-size image, click on the image below (sorry for fuzzy focus due to camera setting error)

July 29, 2003
NorCal928 Member Rich Sanders wins class at Pony Express:
Norcal928 members Bill Ball, George Suennen and Rich Sanders entered the Pony Express Open Road Race in Battle Mountain, NV on July 27.  Rich won the 125MPH class as a rookie driver without a navigator!  George took second in the 145MPH class with Tim Bossert onboard.  Bill finished a bit too fast to place in the 125MPH class.  Many pics here.

June 09, 2003
Funride June 21st - more info:
There is more information on the funride to Big Sur in the Member Forums under the event forum.  Here's a direct link   It has been suggested, probably in jest, that we should not post the detailed schedule - these are usually handed out at the event to avoid altering the authorities.  Well, this event is planned to be a speed-legal sightseeing event, so no worries there.

June 08, 2003
Funride June 21st:
The funride to Big Sur being arranged by John Fagerlund scheduled for June 21st is shaping up.  We will meet at Starbucks Coffee Company, 125 Bernal Rd # 20, San Jose 95119 (phone 408-362-1129).  Plan is depart at 9 AM, meandering through the hill country down to Carmel and Big Sur. To include the 17-mile drive.   Here is a map that shows the Starbucks and allows you to get directions.  

Let me know if you think you will be there so we can look out for you.  Email

Pictures from SITP III:
George Suennen has posted a slew of pics from Shark in the Park III.  Not annotated yet.  George had to leave before the funride, so he missed a bit of the excitement, but there's still a lot to see starting with me setting up a canopy.  Begin the slide show here.

June 02, 2003
Coming Events:
Check the Event Calendar, linked in the left frame.  We have a funride to Big Sur being arranged by John Fagerland scheduled for June 21st.

George Suennen and Rich Saunders will be entering the Bonneville 100 Open Road Race, Wendover, NV, Friday-Sunday, June 19-22 - Details here...
Not sure what open road racing is and if you might want to try it?  Read more here...

Pony Express Open Road Race follows in July, Battle Mountain, NV, Friday-Sunday, July 25-27 - Details here...

Forum News:
I'm testing a new forum package that will allow easier communication of events and other topics of interest.  Have a look via the Forums link in the left window.

Other News:
Sharks in the Park III drew 31 cars to the hills of Berkeley on May 3 despite the serious  weather problems.  Rain held off until after lunch and passed through quickly so we were able to get the funride in.  Pictures and details to follow.

Any questions, contact Bill Ball


April 03, 2003
Waking up the Club
Escaping from an overwhelming workload for the last 6 months after all the layoffs in the Silicon Valley, I finally am taking the time to update the NORCAL928 site and get the events going again.

First, for administrative news... I am working on a new forum. Why a new forum?  Well, the old one was a pain to use.  News to follow.

Coming Events:

Sharks in the Park III, Tilden Park, Berkeley, CA, Saturday, May 3 - Details here...

Bonneville 100 Open Road Race, Wendover, NV, Friday-Sunday, June 19-22 - Details here...
Not sure what open road racing is and if you might want to try it?  Read more here...

Also we will have a local event in June and July - details TBA

Pony Express Open Road Race, Battle Mountain, NV, Friday-Sunday, July 25-27 - Details here...

DEVEK Days, San Carlos, CA, Saturday-Monday, August 2-4 - Details to follow here...

Any questions, contact Bill Ball


October 16, 2002
PCA Race, Sears Point, Sunday, October 27
This looks like it could shape up into a REAL fun 928 event. It is expected that FIVE 928s will be racing in this PCA event at Sears Point (Infineon Raceway)Mark Kibort driving his 1987 Al Holbert 928S4 and Mark Anderson (of 928 International) driving his ground pounding 1988 S4 stroker will get another chance to chase each other like they did last month at Laguna Seca.  Well, Mark K. chased Mark A.  This time things might be a little closer as Sears Point is somewhat twistier than Laguna, but even Mark K. gives Mark A a healthy advantage.  Don Hanson will be there with his stroker.  Don has been burning up tracks at PCA and PRC events all over the West Coast.  Joe Fan will join them.  Joe runs another strokerMike Avitt and his 86.5 S round out the 928 entries.

Norcal928 members will be gathering early that morning to make their way to Sears Point for the excitement.  Meeting time and locale for the caravan TBA.

Any questions, contact Bill Ball

October 22, 2002 Addendum:

See the schedule for the PCA Weekend here.  The 928s will run in the GT2 (Red) group.  The best news is the event is FREE!  That is the word I got from the GOLDEN GATE PCA sponsors.  However, I suspect the track may add a nominal charge ($10).  I called Infineon and strangely enough, they weren't sure but thought the charge was $10 last year.  Regardless, it will be a bargain racing event. (CONFIRMED IT IS FREE) The track recently completed a $50 million makeover, so I am looking forward to seeing the track and the cars.

Norcal928 members and friends will gather at the Powell Street Plaza shopping center at 8 AM sharp.  The shopping center is located at the Powell Street exit from 80-N in Emeryville (just south of Berkeley).  Exit Powell heading East, turn right on Christie.  Look for a Circuit City store.  SEE YOU THEN!

September, 2002

September 16, 2002
Speed World Challenge GT - Laguna Seca, Monterey, Sunday, September 22
Norcal928 and Socal928 members will be attending the Monterey Sports Car Championships at Lauguna Seca on Sunday.  The event that most interests us is the Speed World Challenge GT Race held in the afternoon after the American LeMans series Race.  Two 928s will be entered in the GT race.  Mark Kibort driving his 1987 Al Holbert 928S4 and Mark Anderson (of 928 International) driving his ground pounding 1988 S4 stroker.

Norcal928 members will be gathering early that morning at 7 AM on Bernal Road 1 mile West of 101S at the Starbucks coffee shop (125 Bernal Rd # 20, San Jose, CA 95119).  Here is a map of the meeting location.  Just pull into the shopping center entrance immediately after the McDonalds.  The coffee shop and next door bagel shop open at 6 AM.  From there we will take some backroads down to Monterey, going into Watsonville on 152 (Kerker Pass), onto Highway 1 and ending up at the Embassy Suites in Seaside (1441 Canyon Del Rey Blvd, Seaside, CA 93955).  Here is a map of the destination point.  This is the ticket Will Call location and where we hope to meet up with the SoCal928 contingent at 8:30AM to head out to the track in mass.

If you don't know if you can come, but decide to at the last moment, just meet us at the departure or destination point.  You can buy tickets at the track, although it is cheaper to buy in advance.  Advance tickets can be ordered until Wednesday 9/18 at 5PM either by phone (800-327-SECA) or online here.  Tickets are $45 per person and include a paddock pass and parking.

Now, there is a lot more going on that day.  The full schedule is here.  There will be all kinds of racing including this years LeMans winners in the American LeMans Series.  It should be one heck of a day at the races.

Any questions, contact Bill Ball

June, 2002

June 07, 2002
Give Open Road Racing a Closer Look
The 928 was designed by Porsche to be The King of the open road. However, in the US there is essentially no opportunity to legally drive the car in the way it was intended. Actually there is, but few people know about it or consider it too exotic or dangerous, only for experienced racers and specialized cars with lots of expensive mods. Put these pre-conceived notions aside and take a few minutes to explore the topic of open road racing. You will find you have the car and almost everything else you need for an exhilarating, safe and legal high-speed driving experience. Here is a page assembled with George Suennen that introduces you to open road racing. George has taken his stock 928 S4 to several of these events in the past two years and has entered the up-coming Bonneville 100 and Pony Express.  Consider this great opportunity to exercise your 928 as Herr Doktor intended. If there is enough interest, we will schedule a pre-race briefing and preparation session. Click here to read more. If you would like to learn more leave a message on the Event Forum or contact George.


May, 2002

May 21, 2002
Special Event - Tech Session - Limited Space Available
Dan Brindle, "The Pod Guy", and tech session leader on paint care at Sharks in the Park 2002, has offered to host a tech session series at his residence and 928 workshop in Kentfield.  Dan can only accommodate 6 (SIX) NORCAL928  members, so we will have to limit this based on first RSVP, first served.  The first tech session will be held on Saturday, June 8th.  Dan will demonstrate timing belt replacement.  This is a major service procedure that is best left to professionals, but if you are comfortable with wrenching on cars and have a good set of tools, such a demonstration can be invaluable to you if you are considering doing this procedure yourself.  The workshop manual only goes so far, and despite a number of good online supplementary resources, nothing beats seeing it done first-hand.  This will be an all-day session, and bring some gloves as your hands are likely to get into the job with Dan.   Topics and dates for future tech sessions by Dan will be posted soon.  Sorry about the space limitations for these sessions.  We will be organizing larger, open attendance tech sessions in the near future as well.  Thanks goes to Dan for volunteering to serve the NORCAL928 membership in this way.

If you are interested in attending Dan Brindle's tech session on timing belt replacement on June 8th, please click here and send an email to that effect.  The submissions will be taken in order, getting back to you quickly letting you know if space is available.  Attendance will be confirmed one week prior to the session.

P.S.:  Dan is the photographer of the scariest 928 picture ever takenThis picture is not for the faint of heart!  All who attended Sharks in the Park 2002 got a close look at Dan's beautifully finished 928 cabriolet.  After viewing this photo, taken of the same car mid-restoration, you will understand that Dan has intimate knowledge of a 928 as few others do.   Here it is, the scariest 928 picture ever taken.

May 19, 2002
The NORCAL928 Forum is Up!
Click on the Forum menu selection to the left to visit the NORCAL928 Event Forum. You may have to register with EZBoard to login to the Forum, but that should be pretty painless.  Also, the ads you see on the Forum and any pop-ups will disappear in about 2 days, and we will have an commercial-free forum from then on.  The Forum should run more quickly then as well.  At this point the only forum is an event forum, but we can add others as the need arises. The NORCAL928 Forum is not intended to cover more general 928 topics, as there are already many fine 928 message boards and mail lists (see the Resources page).  Use this forum to announce any events of interest to NORCAL928 membership, to arrange informal get-togethers, set-up meeting places, or provide any details you want on future events and report on past events.  New events that appear here or are sent in via email will be added to the Event Schedule.

May 18, 2002
Local Club Links Added
There are a number of other organizations in the NORCAL area that have events of interest to our members.  Some have been added to the Resources page.

May 17, 2002
Unintentional Email Spam
Email messages with club news sent to NORCAL928 members and affiliates have been going out bulk email without limiting the "reply to" box.  Sorry about that.  Inadvertently, some who have replied to these messages, intending their replies to go only to the sender, have had these replies sent to EVERYONE on the mail list.  From now on, email will be sent out so this will not happen, and email will be limited as much as possible by using the NEWS section here and a NORCAL928 Forum that is almost ready to go live (probably this weekend).  Other members should send in NEWS items or use the Forum once it is live to communicate with the group so we don't trip everyone's spam filters.  THANKS!

May 16, 2002
Welcome to the NORCAL928 Home
The NORCAL928 website is officially open for business!  The event calendar is filling up.  Keep submitting event information.  Right now the format is a bit clunky, but it's a start.  There will be additional communications in the news here about specific events, especially organized rides, tech days and other "formal" club events.  However, the event calendar will include all 928, Porsche and other auto-related events that would be of interest to 928 owners in the area.  So, I have a lot of PCA-type events to add as well as links to PCA websites, for example.  Stay tuned and check back often!