Date: May 4th 2017

Hello Fellow Norcal928 members:

George Suennen needs a crew member for the May 21st open road race in Ely, Nevada

For a number of years I have participated in open road racing in Nevada, as a driver, navigator and crew. If you don't know anything about open road racing it is a sanctioned race against the clock over an extended length of rural 2 lane highway. The next event will take place near Ely, Nevada on Sunday, May 21st.

For the last 4 or 5 years I have crewed for George Suennen nearly every year. Crewing involves transporting and preparing George's car with him and assisting him on race day. In it's current state, George's modified 1990 S4 has reached speeds of 210 MPH and averaged over 170 MPH over the roughly 90 mile course. This year I am unable to crew for George, and he is seeking an interested party who would like to become familiar with open road racing. There are additional activities before and after the race. So, George plans to leave the Bay Area on the morning of Thursday, May 18 and return on Monday, May 22. George generally covers all but sundry expenses. You would ride in his tow vehicle with him drawing an open trailer.

Also, there is the possibility you could navigate for him during the race. Navigation primarily involves calling out and describing turns ahead and anticipated speeds from a set of course notes George has developed. There is some timekeeping versus landmarks to try to cross the finish line as close to a target time as possible. George knows the race road well having run it several times without a navigator, but having a navigator is a definite plus. Being in the car during the race requires safety equipment (firesuit, safety boots and gloves, helmet with neck restraints). There is a very good chance we can scramble together those items for you to borrow for the race.

George and his car will be a Sharks in the Park, as always, this weekend. He usually has a camera with a long telephoto lens slung around his necks. If this request is of any interest to you, get in touch with George there. If you will not be attending SITP, send me a reply to message and I will connect you with George.

See you at SITP XVII on Saturday!

Bill Ball

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