October 17-19, 2003
Hosted by SOCAL928, 928OC and 928 International

Gathering viewed from in front of the 928 International facility.  About 80 cars were parked beside, in front and on the other side of the building.  Click on image below for a full-size view of the panoramic shot.

About 130 people were in attendance.

Shot from between Joe Fan's red race car and Mark Anderson's white race car.

The 928 Developments' experimental carbon fiber intake mounted on Joe's car.

Same as pictured on Mark's car.

This 79 conversion convertible belongs to Randy Venier of San Diego

I continue to admire Keith Widom's 84 - super nice re-spray.

Tony Harkin from Las Vegas in his super-sharp 87 S4.

Dan Bise and Keith address the gathering.

Next two shots show a display drivetrain from a swap project being done at 928 International.

The Tech Sessions started with Jim Bailey covering a number of maintenance and common repair issues.

Greg Brown of Precision Motorwerks gave an interesting and practical presentation on timing belt and water pump service, showing most of the teardown.  Removing the motor was not one of the steps, although it might help.  Mark Anderson said Greg's been doing work on his and his customers' cars for 15 years.

Scott Hendry of Scott's Independent Porsche provided a lot of tips from his experience and background in servicing 928 climate control systems.

Keith gets ready to pull another door prize winner from the pumpkin.  Must have been rigged as I was the first one drawn, and I got a real nice $100 gift certificate for Frozen Rotors.  Wow!

John Veninger, PCA 928 tech advisor,  presented a great session on 928 electrics, starting with the basics.  John's an electrical engineer - the perfect 928 owner!

The Sunday funride.  Regrouping on Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) before we head into the canyons.  Lots of admiring honks from passersby.  The canyon roads were super twisty, but we all made it with no off-road mishaps.

Gathering again at the top of the hills before the descent back to PCH.  Many more cars on the other side of the road.  See the next shot.

A stitched together 180+ degree panorama at the top of the hills. Click on the image for a much larger view.

A red a 85 or 86 car running hard up the canyon road managed to split the heater core return hose.  I summoned the expert, Tony Harkin, to apply his talents to the heater valve in an attempt to prevent flow to the hose.  Since the owner reported the car had heat all the time, I suspected the vacuum was not good enough to hold the valve shut, plus the valve opens when you shut off the car anyway.  Although we could not be certain the valve would seal, zip-tying it in the closed position seemed like a good idea, and Tony was the man to do it.

Tony pried off the actuator arm and zip-tied the valve closed.

Tony came prepared with surgical gloves.  No fuss, no muss, although the engine was still on the side.  Tony's procedure seemed to help quite a bit as the car showed no more steam emitting from the split hose.  Good jobTony!

The group assembled at the parking lot of Gladstone's for lunch after exiting the canyons.

Nicole Mossinger looks up from from tasty lunch.  That's dr. bob in his shades at the next table with Rich Andrade (blue shirt) and his wife (yellow) and Dan Bise (in burgundy).  That's Tony Harkin to far right rear.

After lunch a good share of the funride crowd went on to the Petersen Auto Museum.  Great tour, fascinating cars.  After that it was time to head home.

Congrats on a GREAT JOB by Dan Bise, the Socal928 group, 928 International and the 928OC!  It was a fabulous weekend, and my car performed flawlessly.  Not a minor feat considering I had just finished replacing a leaky rear main seal the morning of the event.  Looks like I did it correctly!

Looking forward to Sharktoberfest 2004!